You have reached the website for author, William J. “Bill” Warner—welcome aboard!

As you explore the site, you will see I have authored some books based on my past experiences as a Special Agent of the FBI. Going Knee To Knee With FBI Polygraph and Holdup Number Six required FBI approval prior to publishing. Watch for my newest fictional crime/romance thriller, GOLD LINE TO LENOX, coming this spring!

Although I’ll forever cherish my career in the Bureau along with the immeasurable comradeship with fellow agents, my passion for writing exceeds anything I have done from a vocation standpoint. Like so many authors, life’s experiences contribute greatly to the premise, the plots, and the storytelling you’ll discover in my writings. Weaving fact with fiction is sometimes tricky. As such, I am becoming more fond of straightaway fiction and find that writing books of make-believe, though challenging, can also be heartwarming and genuine—if fiction dare to be called genuine. 

A word about the logo. The bloodhound is featured out of respect for one of law enforcement’s grandest heroes. You’ll find a sentence or two dedicated to the sleuthing hound in every book I write.

Hold Up Number Six