You have reached the official website for author, William J. Warner—welcome aboard!

            As you navigate across the pages of the site, you will discover books I have authored based on my life’s experiences as a former special agent of the FBI and beyond. Going Knee To Knee and Holdup Number Six required FBI approval prior to publishing. Both are now available for purchase. Inside FBI Polygraphthe second edition of Going Knee To Knee is also now available through the author.

            My passion for writing exceeds anything I have done in the past with perhaps one exception—my love for the outdoors. Especially fond of back country hiking, it is not unusual to find me somewhere along a wilderness path. Whether it be in north Georgia, the Smoky Mountains, or on the Appalachian Trail, the solitude and beauty of the wild draws me.  In fact, a fourth book just released deals with the AT itself with plenty of drama in the way of murder, risk, and revenge along the way.  Entitled Appalachian Impasse, this is a fictional crime thriller and serves as a distant sequel to Holdup Number Six.

            My fifth book, Ohio Boys, is now available! This is a compilation of short stories covering youth, mischief, and juvenile romance all inspired by actual events. They are easy reads and were fun to write. Contact the author for a signed copy as is the case with all the books.

            A sixth book, Jewels In The Sand, is a work in progress. This will be a love & war novel based on a fictional town in Indiana covering a time frame from 1942 through the mid-60s. Stay tuned as this stands to be a gut-wrenching tale of how a teenage girl attracts the attention of a Baptist youth minister along with others. Riveting battle scenes involving her men take place from the sands of Saipan to the hills of Korea and finally to the dreaded underbelly of Vietnam. This, my landmark achievement, should be ready sometime in 2018. 

            Oh, as for the logo, the bloodhound is featured out of respect for one of law enforcement’s grandest heroes. You’ll find anywhere from a sentence to a page dedicated to the sleuthing hound in every book I write.