GOING KNEE TO KNEE WITH FBI POLYGRAPH introduces the Cy Donovan series…

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Going knee to knee is a term used by polygraph examiners when describing the moment when confrontation takes place in a knee-to-knee setting between the examinee and his or her examiner. It is at this time when tension builds, and controlled confrontation takes place. The FBI polygraph program—a program for social workers it is not. As such, this book was written as a tribute to one of the FBI’s finest programs and the men and women who serve within it. Primarily a collection of stories based on actual events, the author introduces a character, Special Agent Cy Donovan, who untangles a web of deceit through interview and interrogation tactics commonly practiced throughout the world of polygraph. The author places the reader in the room as a witness to the dialogue between the subject and the accuser he sits across from. As the shrewd perpetrator attempts to spin a tale of deception, Cy Donovan works his themes in an effort to bring the liar through the gates of salvation by revealing the truth in each confrontation. The book concludes as Donovan provides an educational discourse to a class of prospective FBI special agents with some “Straight Talk About Liars” as well as some insight into the recent history and current course of the Bureau’s polygraph program.

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Appalachian Impasse

APPALACHIAN IMPASSE….A fictional crime thriller and distant sequel to HOLDUP NUMBER SIXThe third and last book of the Cy Donovan series.

Man’s inhumanity to man is on display in Appalachian Impasse. Set against the enticing but unpredictable world of the Appalachian Trail and the menacing atmosphere of a maximum-security prison, Warner weaves an adventurous tale of risk, revenge, murder, and chance.

Follow FBI Special Agent Cy Donovan, now retired, as he attempts to complete his hike of the Appalachian Trail. Unknowingly, he has made the list of four named for termination in a murder-for-hire contract put in place by an ex-cop he put away deep in the past. Warner brings to life numerous characters in vivid detail—some in their harrowing demise. Others however, are just along for the journey including a woman of interest to Cy—adding to the intrigue.

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Ohio Boys

OHIO BOYS (Unruly Short Stores Inspired By Actual Events)

A collection of short stories involving unbridled mischief and juvenile romance in ‘small town’ Ohio—jaw dropping antics will keep you tuned in throughout the book all the way to the end. Cat burglars, the allure of homecoming queens and fast cars are just a sample of what to look for from these characters in their senseless acts of foolishness. Although not all of them are troubled tales. In fact, two of the stories, Yanks & Last In The Stick, have already received honorable mention in JOURNEYS VIII, An Anthology of Award-Winning Short Stories by Court Jester Publications in November, 2015.

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Hold Up Number Six


HOLDUP NUMBER SIX (An FBI Novel Based On ActualEvents) Released through Peppertree Press, LLC Jan/2015, this is the second of the CyDonovan series.

You can’t make this stuff up! This story relives a case once worked by the author. It features a corrupt state trooper who organizes a gang of thugs who follow his lead in carrying out six loosely coordinated holdups of armored trucks or their couriers. Retailers are also at risk.

Blending fact with fiction, Warner once again introduces Special Agent Cy Donovan of the FBI as the lead agent in pursuit of trooper Varnell Evins. The trooper’s band of pinheads proceed in reckless abandon in a roller-coaster cops-and-robbers epic with a page-turner finish and missing money. Superbly crafted with the zeal of a veteran storyteller, the patois in the dialogue of the characters is retained for authenticity.

The gang’s much maligned personalities, in-articulate language, and outlandish performances coincide tragicomically with humor and sorrow as each holdup escalates in violence. Tempers explode among the villains in their quest for cash while tensions mount for Cy Donovan and his task force. Twists and turns evolve into a graduating crescendo near the end as Donovan is left to wonder if the loot will ever be recovered.

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A fictional family saga spanning three wars from 1942 – 1973, it is a book about life, American life, your life, his life, her life and the lives of so many we know. The birthing of a forbidden love affair that violates all we’ve come to believe. A love that swells through time, through heartache, through turmoil and secrecy. It is a story that embraces charm, dignity, Christian values, and heroism. Oh, the heroism—it is magnified into a netherworld of pain and despair that often accompanies this great imposter known as valor. It is about the joy of an infant, the tragedy of another, and the mischief of boys being  boys. It is about a girl who becomes a woman in a flash, a schemer but loved all the same. It is about what happens when moral values get stretched too thin. It is about small town life, gossip, hardwork, razor-thin temperaments, togetherness, and longing for the same. Finally, it is a spectrum of life during combat. It covers the evil and wretched ways of war; death, survival, courage, victory, and loss. It is about life, distasteful at times yet overwhelmingly delicious and saturated with swimming eyes.

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HOOSIER FIELDS – An FBI Crime Story, presents a vivid, unforgettable tale of three twisted desperados, greedy and untrusting of one another, who find themselves in a scheme to recover their payday. Throughout a nine-day saga, the dialogue alone carries the story through in a rich portrayal of contrasting personalities. A true, give-me-more-of-that-squabbling-diatribe, the matter resolves itself in a dramatic, intense smoke-filled finish that leaves federal investigators scratching their heads and the reader wanting more.
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Coming, spring, 2021…
GOLD LINE TO LENOX – An Odyssey of Crime, Love & Betrayal (Peppertree Press)
Warner’s seventh novel, a poignant story involving a transit cop in Atlanta assigned to internal affairs. Chance McCullough, a neophyte investigator, who, while patrolling the rails, becomes enthralled by the scintillating charm of another man’s folly.
     Giselle Trudeau, a ginger-haired law clerk, is equally passionate for Chance and sees him as her dashing hero in the mold, if only she can find her way out from a devastating and perfidious marriage to George. The pompous and menacing, federal judge, George Washington Trudeau, finds himself named as the next FBI director despite the hideous schoolings he so brutally lays on to the once devoted Giselle.
     As for Chance, he is in the chase for her but must manage a series of chaotic policing events which envelope him in life and death struggles with Giselle too often in the middle of the mayhem.