Signed copies of all books are available when purchased directly from the author. There are still hardbacks available for Going Knee To Knee, Holdup Number Six, Appalachian Impasse, and Ohio Boys. Those books published previously through Tate Publishing & Enterprises are currently only available through the author as Tate has transitioned to new endeavors.

The books published through Peppertree Press LLC, (Jewels In The Sand, Holdup Number Six, Appalachian Impasse, Going Knee To Knee With FBI Polygraph & Ohio Boys) are available via the author as well as through Peppertree, Amazon online, and through order via bookstores everywhere to include Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. The author is especially grateful to Julie Ann James and her staff at Peppertree Press for the excellent service they provide.

First page, first book, first attempt at writing a book, 4/28/07 on large drafting paper with gel pens.

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