“Gripping her soiled tissue as if it was her last link to freedom, she took a deep breath and found the spot on the wall again. Several minutes passed, still nothing. Cy placed his right hand on top of her left hand; still knee to knee looking her straight in the eye, he whispered, ‘Please tell me about it, Jackie, please talk to me.’ He couldn’t have been kinder, but all he got was silence. Undeterred, he was confident it was going to come.”


“I just had this feeling the night before when I took the garbage out to the street, came back into my garage, shut my garage door, and started into my house that there was a spook in my garage. Do you know what I mean?”
Cy nodded.


“The lone white male came walking into the bank with a purpose. He stood in front of Tammy almost before she had had a chance to look up. Armed with a loaded sawed-off shotgun in the sleeve of his right arm, he lifted his right arm toward her and demanded money. ‘No dye packs, just all the money in your drawer and her drawer too,’ he demanded. She opened her drawer and reached for some cash at which time he gestured to the teller to the left of Tammy and to his right. As he returned his right arm back to the front of Tammy, the shotgun fired…”


“You best make friends with it, Junior. All you got to do is aim and fire. Rack it back hard like I showed ya’n, fire again. You got more slugs in your pocket. You shouldn’t need more than a couple if they fire back at all. Not likely to once they see a shotgun aimed at ‘em.”


“Whutchya talkin bout man? All you did was stand round. You got to put fear in people if you gonn take em. You show fear and they be takin you.”….“Ya weren’t even there,” Omar snapped back at Chicken Man. Then he lost it. With his left hand Omar pushed Francis’s head up against the windshield while his right hand reached for his gun, shoving it into Francis’s neck. He went nose to nose with Francis and said, “Yain’t never did what I did, yain’t been where I been, ya don’t know what I do, and yain’t never gonn say to me what I do.”


“Can’t git out, both door locked! Muthaf’n door locked!” Omar’s shouting, along with the gunshot, had attracted the attention of personnel down the short hall, where the revenue had been dispersed to the courier….”Damn, these spose to be open, where the switch for the big ones?”….”Turn you head round ole timer and walk back down that hall!”


He thought of handholds in the rock, a way to right himself—to no avail. Even if he could get himself turned, the likelihood of finding a trustworthy ledge, a buttress of any dimension protruding outward was not good. Besides, he was no rock climber even in his younger days. Only a spider would dare risk it. No, he was fucked and he knew it.


His mouth foamed up a bit at the end, just before Richter, with again, one hand placed firmly on the chin and another cradling his crown, gave the balded bone one sudden jerk to the left snapping the old man’s neck with more than a chiropractic pop.


“Don’t be a puss Heckman. There’s no alarm here, this ain’t no bank. Besides, once we’re in, we’ll leave out a window without climbing up and out again.” (Toby Yanis)

“Once she had my belt undone, she paused to look around. She was looking for a floor mat while I focused on the cleavage and her belly button. Oh, and about her belly button…”  (Joe Heckman)